Long Floormat 120cm x 45cm

Soft & Comfortable antislip floormats. Indulge your feet to these 14mm thickness floormats. Our designs are influenced by korean designs. Furnish your floormats in your bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Spruce up your home & bathroom with these superior quality and stunning looking anti slip floormats designs that will add instant vibrant to your home & bathroom!

We bring you Superior Quality Anti Slip Floormats with ultra fine synthetic fiber that is 8 times finer than wool. Ultra Soft and Ultra breathable material.

Easy to clean. When there’s a stain, take an immediate action to clean it as soon as possible. Use normal clothes detergent in your kitchen. Apply a small drop of detergent on the the stain area. Let it rest for 2-3mins. Use a damp towel and rub it slowly till the stain is gone.  For other difficult stains, look at our Cleaning Tips page. Do not wash in Washing Machine. Do not soak in water. Do not use Thinner. For white floormats, Use a small drops of cholorox if stains are stubborn. Once a week, Use antibacterial soap on a damp towel to clean your floormats.

Extra thick at 14mm and Extra Soft, different from any other antislip floormats.

Thicker means Better with Extra Comfort!

Available Size : 60cm X 40cm Price $12  | 120cm X 45cm $18
Delivery Fees $4 apply per trip by Qxpress
Delivery will be within 2-3 days (excluding the day of order)
We include SMS Tracking for free.

Payment will be via PayNow or Bank Transfer only.
DM us on MATKINGSG Instagram.

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