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What is Floor Mat?

Floor mat is where you place your mat at the Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom or even kitchen. It can be at home or office. Iis manufactured from materials made of PVC, flannel, cotton or microfiber.


What is Anti Slip Mat?

Anti Slip Mat is a mat that provides you from falling down at the entrance or exit of a room or lobby. It provides traction to prevent you from slipping and falling in watery environment. It uses a non woven PVC plastic fabric dot at the bottom which prevent from slipping. The three layer comprise of Flannel Fabric, 10mm-14mm sponge and PVC or Synthetic Rubber bottom. Floor mats are placed in the bathroom to prevent you from slipping after your shower. People have lot of ideas and can now put floor mats anywhere in the building. Various types of floor mat are available. Kitchen mat, bedroom mat, door entrance, balcony, under your office desk and many more.


What is Bath Mat?

When you step out of the shower, the bath mat is put in the bathroom to stop you from falling down. Splashes from bathing will make the floor wet and slippery. Iis best to position it outside your shower area so that when you take step out of the shower, it can absorb the dripping water from your body. The best is to get an Anti Slip microfibre bath mat or floor mat. This will decrease your risk of falling. It helps your feet to stay put. In addition, having MatKing 14mm floor mats feels thick and luxurious under your feet. Bath mat need to be absorbent after an individual drip out of the shower.


How to Clean Floor Mats

Did you know that you can make your floor mats last longer and clean with just small basic solution?

If you are a hybrid fan of Mrs Minch and Marie Kondo, you will probably know by now the easiest way to clean your floor mats. Fret not if you dont know as we know how you can do it. Cleaning floor mats is not just about cleaning. It’s about maintenance and hygiene where your feet are touching it after you wash your feet.

With the stay home notice in 2020 & 2021 due to the virus breakout, our floor mats are getting used more than usual which swiftly collecting dirt like animal fur to Velcro. We will share you the secrets to have a hygienic and clean floor mats that probably anyone with OCD in cleaning will approve it.

D.I.Y Home Solution

Things Needed

Any Antibacterial Soap.
Empty bottle spray

Get any Antibacterial soap like Lifebuoy, Dettol or Walch. It can be in any type of hand soap or shower foam or shower gel with anti bacterial properties. Use 1 part of antibacterial soap with 5parts of water. Eg. 10ml Antibacterial soap to 50ml of water. Mix them in the empty bottle spray. Do not shake vigorously. Slowly swirl the solution until the soap dissolves.

How to use?

Spray multiple thin coats with the D.I.Y mix solution lightly on the surface of MatKing floor mats every night. Ensure that the mix solution is covered with any aspect of the floor mat. Do not hesitate in one spot or else the mat will get very wet. After the first spray coating, stroke and wipe the floor mat gently with any clean towel. Do not knead or rub down unless stain is present. After the first wipe, spray the second coating lightly on the floor mat and let it rest overnight.


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